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The Institute of Bankers, Bangladesh (IBB)


A meeting was held on 26th July, 1972 in which a few eminent Bankers and other professionals decided to establish the Institute of Bankers,
Bangladesh (IBB), as a professional body of banks and financial institutions in
The Institute of Bankers, Bangladesh (IBB) was registered on the 6th
February, 1973 bearing Registration No. 3894145/3 of 1972-1973 as an
Association under the Societies Registration Act, 1860 (Act No. XXI of 1860).



Be the premier institute in
the banking and financial sector for developing competent and skilled
professionals of international standard and repute.




IBB would develop a
professionally sound human resource base, through continuous education,
training and orientation process, for the financial sector to face the
challenges of the modern era in the backdrop of the new global economic order.


Objectives of the IBB


The objectives of the IBB are to –


professionally qualified and competent bankers primarily through a process of
training, examinations and professional development programmes;

organise and conduct examinations to test the proficiency of employees of  banks and financial institutions in various
banking related subjects;

certificate, memorandum and diploma to the successful candidates of IBB

necessary educational support services such as organizing coaching classes,
imparting training and supplying text book/reading materials etc.;

knowledge on banking and financial services through publication of journals,
newsletters and by organizing dialogues, lectures, seminars, etc.;

and manage efficient library for the examinees ; and

any other activity facilitating and incidental to the achievement of the basic
objectives of the IBB as mentioned above.


Diploma Courses/Two-Tier Certificate


The IBB conducts the Banking Diploma Examination,
JAIBB (Junior Associate of the Institute of Bankers, Bangladesh) and DAIBB
(Diplomaed Associate of the Institute of Bankers, Bangladesh) usually held
twice a year at such centre as may be determined by the Council of the IBB from
time to time. JAIBB Examination aims at giving basic and fundamental knowledge
of banking and DAIBB Examination is designed to update the advanced knowledge
in the field of banking and allied matters to enable better decision making by


With these objectives in view, IBB since its inception
has been conducting Banking Diploma Examinations (Part-I/JAIBB &
Part-II/DAIBB) throughout the country. The syllabi for the Examination cover
almost all the theoretical and practical aspects of banking which a banker
comes across in his or her day-to-day work. The Institute modifies/updates the
syllabi of the Examination from time to time keeping in view the new
changes/developments in the banking arena in its domestic as well as international
perspective so that the syllabi can cater to practical requirements of bankers.





IBB has a plan to facilitate
extended library facility to the intending readers, updating the Existing
Examination Management Software (EMS) and Web-site of IBB and organizing
seminars on current economic issues.



IBB has also a plan to
publish text books on all compulsory subjects of JAIBB and DAIBB examinations
regularly. It has already published three books on Laws & Practice of
Banking, International Trade & Foreign Exchange and Information Technology
in Financial Services  and Management
Accounting. IBB is trying to collect manuscripts on other remaining subjects.
IBB organizes coaching classes in
divisional cities to help the examinees. As many examinees can not attend those
classes, IBB has a plan to upload reading materials of the coaching classes
& lecture videos in its website & YouTube channel.