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The Institute publishes a Journal named Journal of the Institute of Bankers, Bangladesh on half-yearly basis. It is an internationally recognized/refereed publication bearing International Standard Serial number (ISSN 1684-0054) The Journal is published under supervision and guidance of Journal and Library Committee of the Institute. The present Editor of the Journal is Mr. Mahmood Osman Imam (Ph.D.), Professor, Department of Finance & Banking, University of Dhaka, Bangladesh. So far i.e. up to Volume 62 Number II & Volume 63 Number I & II July-December 2015, January-June 2016 & July-December 2016 of the Journal have been published. Copies of the Journal are provided free to members of the Institute. Non-members may obtain the same from the Institute on payment of Tk. 75.00 each.

Call for Papers and Notes to the Contributors

The Journal contains research-based articles on Trade, Insurance, Finance and Banking related issues.

Contributors are requested to submit papers/articles on the above issues for publication in the journal.

Guidelines for Submission:

The following may be treated as guidelines for submission of the article/paper:

  1. The article/paper should be based on research and should demonstrate the author’s own analysis, thought and judgment.
  1. Name(s) and address(es) of the author(s) with the title of the article/paper and institutional affiliation(s) should be provided on a separate page.
  1. The manuscript must be typed (Font–Times New Roman, Font Size–11 point) on one side of the paper in double space and normally should not exceed 20 pages.


  1. All footnotes and Equations should be numbered consecutively. Explanation of footnotes should be given at the bottom page.
  1. An abstract of 150 words or less (in Time New Roman 9 point) should be given along with the article/paper.
  1. Keywords of the paper should be given below the abstract.
  1. Bibliographical references should be made in a defined structure. In the case of article, the citation should be as follows:

Author’s last name, First name and Middle initial, Year of Publication, “Title of the Paper”, name of the journal (to be italicized), volume number, month and page number.

For example,

Mussa, M., 1974, “A Monetary Approach to Balance of Payments Analysis”, Journal of Money, Credit and Banking, Vol. 6, No.3, pp. 333-351.

In the case of Text Books/Monograph, the citation should be as follows:

Author’s last name, First name and Middle initial, Year of Publication, “Title of the Book”(to be italicized), Name of the Publisher.

For example,

Hicks, Junior R., 1946, Value and Capital, Oxford University Press.

  1. For citation of published papers/books in the text, it should be, for example, as follows:
  1. Smith (1998)
  2. Jensen and Smith (1992)
  3. Smith et al. (1988) [with more than three authors]
  4. (e.g. see Smith 1982; Goldner 1991) [with more than one source cited together]
  5. (FASB 1986:9) states
  6. (Collins and Salarka 1993: 122)
  1. Use suffix a, b,c etc. when the references list contains more than one work of an author in the same year.

For example,

  1. Becker 1990a
  2. (e.g; see Smith 1987a; Becker 1995b)
  1. The Institute or the Journal Committee does not take any responsibility for opinions expressed in the articles/papers published in the journal.
  1. The papers should be original and unpublished. The copyright of the paper will be reserved by the Institute ones it is accepted for publication in the Journal. Papers not accepted in the journal will not be returned.
  1. Two hard copies of the paper/article along with a CD should be submitted to:The Secretary GeneralThe Institute of Bankers, BangladeshDR Tower (12th floor)65/2/2 Bir Protik Gazi Golam Dostogir Road (Box Culvert Road)Purana Paltan, Dhaka-1000.E-mail: ibb.diploma@gmail.com

List of Suggested Topics for Publication in the Journal

A detailed, but not exhaustive, list of topics on these areas is given below : –

1) Structure and Regulation of the Finance System.

2) Role and Pricing of financial market instruments.

3) International Monetary Reform & New Economic Order, Current Issues in International Banking.

4) Financial Intermediaries-its importance to Economic Development and Securities Markets.

5) Money & Business Cycles, Inflation rates & money Policy, Dedt Management.

6) Interest rates 1½ Behavior, Risk and term Structure.

7) Islamic banking in Bangladesh 1½ prospects and problems.

8) Credit markets and Credit Analysis 1½ Transaction costs, Asymmetric Information, Lending risk Analysis, Z and Y scores, Default and Political Economy of Default.

9) Financial sector Reforms interest rate liberalization, classification and provisioning, capital adequacy Basel Accord on risk based capital requirement.

10) Loan Monitoring and Recovery Techniques A Queue to Banking Prospects.

11) Foreign Exchange Markets Managed Float and Freely Floating currency, Currency convertibility, Exchange rate in the short run and long run, Explaining changes in exchange rate, Volatility of Exchange Rate, Trends in Bangladesh Balance of Payments, Managing Exchange Rate Risk.

12) Financial development and economic growth Financial Crisis.

13) Central Bank Supervision, Monitoring and Independence.

14) Management of Financial Institutions Asset & Liability Management, Managing Credit Risk, Managing Interest Rate Risk & Strategies, Off-Balance-Sheet Activities, Financial Innovation.

15) Effective Bank Marketing and Financial Product Development in Bangladesh-Marketing and Corporate Strategy for Financial Institutions Market Structure-Competitive Environment – Marketing decisions-Service design, Marketing of Financial Products-Market Research in and Marketing Information System, Problems and Issues of Bank Marketing.

16) Banking Industry-Structure, Competition, Products and Services Diversity, Cost and Scale Efficiency, Consolidation, Prudential Regulation and Supervision, and Governance problem.

17) Human Resource Management for a Good Banking Governance-Needs and Planning, Job Analysis, Training, Stress Management and Creativity Information Technology in Human Resource Management, Service Regulations, Banking Governance-Criteria, Problems, Suggestions.

18) Development Financial Institutions in Bangladesh ï½ Their roles and problems.

19) Non-Bank Financial Institutions-Leasing financial institutions-growth and potentiality, role in credit, mobilization of savings & problems, Merchant Banks-Role in capital market & problems.

20) E-Business and E-Banking, Automation and Electronic data processing in Bangladesh.

21) Financial Market Integration in Developing Countries-Regional Financial Integration, Cross Border Integration, Policy Implications for Developing Countries-Approaches and Lessons.

22) Globalization and Trade Liberalization-Challenges and Threats, Export Thrust Sector in terms of Competitiveness, new markets identification and new products development, Tariff Structure and Value Addition.

23) Productivity Trends in Bangladesh with special reference to industry and agriculture.

24) Development of agriculture in Bangladesh and the role of Credit.

25) Regionalization-custom union, Free Trade, SAARC and SAPTA.

26) Capital Market Development-Bank-based financing vs. security based financing, Liquidity, transparency and volatility of Stock Market, Problems and Prospects, Regulation of security markets, Market Efficiency and Over-reaction, Bubbles and Stock Market Crash.

27) Opportunity for DFI and Foreign Portfolio Investment in the Emerging Capital Market-Risk and Return, DFIs roles-prospects, problems and remedies, Foreign Investors Simulative role.

28) Disclosure, Financial Reporting and Corporate Governance.

29) Reaction of Security Price to Announcement of Earnings, Dividend, Capital Structure Change, and so on-Event Study.

30) Initial Public Offerings (IPOs)-Pricing and Long-run under-performance, Hot Issue Phenomenon, Operating Performance, Earnings Management, Earnings Forecast Error.

31) Mutual Funds-Growth and Performance-timing ability and selectivity.

32) Growth, Dividend, Capital Structure and Ownership Structure of Listed Companies in Different Industries.

33) Corporate Risk Management and its Strategy, Equity Management Risk and Portfolio Insurance.

34) Insurance-Industry Structure, Conduct and performance, Loan able Funds, Growth, Investment Portfolio, Insurance Policies and Risk Coverage, Actuarial Pricing, etc.

35) Micro Credit and MFIs-Extent and Intensity of Poverty, Poverty Alleviation and Outreach, Assessment of Different Models of Services Delivery, Impact Evaluation, Sustainability of MFIs and of Borrowers, Standardization of Accounts, Regulations.

36) Financial Inclusion


Titles of articles published in last 19 ( Nineteen) issues of the Journal : –

(1)   Vol. 47, (January, 1998 December, 2000)

Editorial Notes

Unanticipated Money Growth and Investment in Bangladesh
– Nazma Begum

Feasibility of Capital Account Convertibility of Taka : Some Issues
– S. M. Ahsan Habib

Economic Reforms and Social Sector Expenditures : An Analysis in the Context of Bangladesh
– Syed Ahmed Khan

The Collapse of BCCI and Regulatory Weakness
– A K N Ahmed

The Role of Fiscal Policy in Developing Countries An Empirical Study of Bangladesh
– Jahangir Alam

Export Credit in Bangladesh
– Md. Abdus Samad Sarker
– Ahmed Istiaque Bin Rafique

Comparative Performance of Commercial Banks : Bangladesh Perspective
– C. M. Sarowar Hossain

Towards Islamic Banking in Bangladesh : A Case of Ideological Deviations
– Md. Ataur Rahman
– Shaikh Md. Amir Hossain

The Sick Industries in Bangladesh : A Descriptive Study
– Syed Golam Maola
– Sajjad M. Jasimuddin

Tourism in the Frame of South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC)
– Jahangir Alam

Economic Trends
Synopsis of Results
Notes to the Contributors


                                                   (2)  Vol. 48 (January 2001 June 2002)

Editorial Notes

An Impact Assessment of Micro-credit Programs for Rural Women Experience of Bangladesh

– M. Omar Choudhury

An Evaluation of Monetary Policy before and after Financial Sector Reforms in Bangladesh
– Syed Ahmed Khan

Should Central Bank in Developing Countries be Independent of Government ?
– M. A. Kashem

E-Commerce and Concerns for E-Commerce in Bangladesh
– M. Lutfar Rahman

Notes and Comments

Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) An Overview
– Bishnu Kumar Adhikary

A Survey of Economic Situation in Bangladesh : January-June 2001

A Survey of Economic Situation in Bangladesh : July December 2001

Synopsis of Results

Notes to the Contributors


(3) Vol. 49 (July December, 2002)

Editorial Notes

Investment in Goal Farming : Evidences of Attractive Business, Self-Employees and Poverty Alleviation in Rural Bangladesh
– R. H. Sarwer
– T. H. Miah

Tea Industry in Bangladesh : Marketing System and Price Behaviour
– S. A. Sabur

International Replication of Grameen Bank A Framework for Poverty Alleviation
– Ashraf Al Mamun
– Hafiz Al Asad Bin Hoque
– Shama Ahmad

Objective Oriented System Analysis and Design for Foreign Inward Remittance : The Case of Bangladesh

– Muhammad Mahboob Ali
– Md. Munirul Kabir

A Survey of Economic Situation in Bangladesh : January – June 2002

Notes to the Contributors


                                          (4) a. Vol. 50 (Number 1 : January – June 2003 )

Editorial Notes

Impact of Globalization Process on Corporate Planning of Commercial Banks in Bangladesh : A Survey of Bankers Opinion
– Muhammad Mahboob Ali

Measuring Competitiveness of Banks in Bangladesh
– Jahangir Alam
– Al Nahian Riyadh

Loan Classification and Provisioning System of the Banking Sector : A Critical Review
– Bisnu Kumar Adhikary

The Fight Against Money Laundering in Bangladesh
– Murshid Kuli Khan

Should Banking Supervisory Authority and Monetary Policy Responsibilities be Conducted by Separate Institutions ?
– Abul Kalam Azad

Present Status of E-Banking in Bangladesh
– M. Mizanur Rahman

A Survey of Economic Situation in Bangladesh : July-December- 2002

Call for Paper and Notes to the Contributors

  1. Vol. 50 (Number 2 : July – December 2003)

    Editorial Notes

Capital Market Development in Bangladesh :
Need For More Macro-Economic and Financial Policy Interventions
– Dr. M. A. Baqui Khalily
– Dr. M. Sadiqul Islam
– Dr. Mahmood Osman Imam

Money Laundering Process with Special Reference to Bangladesh :
An Analysis

– Muhammad Mahboob Ali

Seasonal Adjustments of Time Series and Its Importance in Bangladesh Bank
– Sayeeda B. Jahan
– Serajul Islam Talukder

Notes & Comments
Banks Non Performing Loans (NPL)

– Some Lessons for Banking Lending
– Omar Chowdhury

A Survey of Economic Situation in Bangladesh : January-June 2003

Call for Papers and Notes to the Contributers


                                              (5) Vol. 51 (Number 1 : January June 2004 )

Editorial Notes

Volatility in the Stock Return :
Evidence From Dhaka Stock Exchange
– Mahmood Osman Imam
– Abu Saleh Muhammed Muntasir Amin

A Study of Credit Need and Credit Allocation to Farmers : Role of Rajshahi Krishi Unnayan Bank
– Provash Chandra Roy

Rural Women in Farm and Non-Farm Activities : A Socioeconomic Profile
– Salma Sultana
– M. H. A. Rashid
– S. M. M. Murshed

A Study on Small Business Enterprises in Bangladesh
Searching for Growth Factors and Obstacles

– Mohammad Saleh Jahur
– A. S. M. Sohel Azad

Notes & Comments
Diversification of Financial Products

The New Services & Instruments
– Mohammad Hossain

A Survey of Economic Situation in Bangladesh : July – December, 2004

Call for Papers and Notes to the Contributors


(6) Vol. 51 (Number 2 : July-December 2004)

Editorial Notes

 Monetary Policy in Bangladesh Should We Go for Inflation Targeting? M. Sadiqunnabi Choudhury

Value-based Measure : An Application of EVA in Small Manufacturing Company in Bangladesh Mahfuzul Hoque, Mahmuda Akter , Nikhil Chandra Shil

Technical Efficiency of Extensive Shrimp Farmers in Bangladesh : A Stochastic Frontier Production Function Approach M. H. A. Rashid

Contribution of Minor Irrigation Projects to Reducing Poverty and Increasing Rice Production in Jamalpur District of Bangladesh Most. Taslima Khatun, Md. Parvez Anwar, Tofazzal Hossain Miah

A Survey of Economic Situation in Bangladesh : July – December, 2004

Call for Papers and Notes to the Contributors


(7) Vol. 52 (Number 1 : January-June 2005)

 Editorial Notes

Impact of Client Rating on Bank’s Capital Adequacy Maintenance  Mohammad A. Momen, Sarwat Amina

Human Resource Management Practices in Small Enterprises in Bangladesh   Faruq Ahmed, Muhammad Shariat Ullah, Mohd. Mosharraf Hossain Chowdhury

The Interest Rate Regime of Bangladesh From Fixed to Flexibility   Rubayat Jesmin

A Survey of Economic Situation in Bangladesh : January – June, 2005

Call for Papers and Notes to the Contributors


(8) Vol. 52 (Number 2 : July-December 2005)

 Editorial Notes

The Long Run Relationship between Export and Import of Bangladesh : A Cointegration Approach Md. Ezazul Islam Mst. Nurnaher Begum

Interest Rates Spread of Commercial Banks Operating in Bangladesh   Md. Abdul Maleque Mian

WTO, Post MFA Era and the Bangladesh RMG sector : An Assessment of Performance and Challenges M. Abdul Mannan Chowdhury, Muhammad Mahboob Ali,  Rubba Rahman

A Survey of Economic Situation in Bangladesh : July – December, 2005

Call for Papers and Notes to the Contributors


(9) Vol. 53 (Number 1 : January-June 2006)

 Editorial Notes

Testing of Purchasing Power Parity in Bangladesh : A Cointegration Approach – Muhammad Enamul Haque

Trade Liberalization and the Exports Structure of Bangladesh : An Overview – Md. Ezazul Islam , Mst. Nurnaher Begum

The Dynamic Relationship between Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) and Economic Growth in Bangladesh : A Cointegration Approach Md. Sakib-Bin-Amin, Shaikh Muhammed Shahid Uddin Eskander

A Survey of Economic Situation in Bangladesh : January – June, 2006

Call for Papers and Notes to the Contributors


(10) Vol. 53,54 (Number 2,1 : July-December 2006 & January-June 2007)

 Editorial Notes

Digital Bangladesh Bank Dr. Atiur Rahman

Causes, Consequences and Policy Implications of Non-Performing Loans in Bangladesh Sayera Younus

Entrepreneurship Development Programs of the Department of Youth Development in Bangladesh : An Assessment A. J. M. Nuruddin Chowdhury , Bashir Ahmed Bhuiyan

A Survey of Economic Situation in Bangladesh : July – December, 2006 & January – June 2007

Call for Papers and Notes to the Contributors


(11) Vol. 54,55 (July-December 2007 & January -June 2008)

Editorial Notes

Corporate Governance, Corporate Social Responsibility in the banking sector in Bangladesh – M. A. M. Kazemi

Causality between Economic Growth and Electricity Consumption in Bangladesh – Sakib-Bin-Amin

Economic Environment and Political Philosophy : A Case Study of the Bangladesh Economy – A Note Rubayat Jesmin

A Survey of Economic Situation in Bangladesh : July – December, 2007

A Survey of Economic Situation in Bangladesh : January- June 2008

Call for Papers and Notes to the Contributors


(12) Vol. 55, 56 (Number 2, 1: July-December 2008 & January-June 2009)

Editorial Notes

Innovations, Finance and Banking in  Bangladesh Dr. Atiur Rahman

An Empirical Test of Purchasing Power Parity :Developed vs. Developing Economies Dr. Md. Habibur Rahman

Money Supply Process in Bangladesh : An Empirical Analysis Dr. Md. Ezazul Islam

A Survey of Economic Situation in Bangladesh:January-June 2009

A Survey of Economic Situation in Bangladesh: July-December 2008


13) Volume 55, 56   Number 2, 1

Editorial Notes  

Innovations, Finance and Banking in Bangladesh Dr. Atiur Rahman 

An Empirical Test of Purchasing Power Parity: Developed vs. Developing Economics Dr. Md. Habibur Rahman

Money Supply Process in Bangladesh : An Empirical Analysis Dr. Md. Ezazul Islam

A Survey of Economic Situation in Bangladesh:  January-June2009  

A Survey of Economic Situation in Bangladesh:  July-December2009

Call for Papers and Notes to the Contributors


14) Volume 56, Number 2, 1 Â 

Editorial Notes  

Causes of Recent Price Movements in Bangladesh: Some Policy Recommendations Dr. Sayera Younus

Merchant Banking in Bangladesh : An Overview Shabnaz Amin, Wajid Hasan Shah

Policy Note-

The SLR as a Monetary Policy Instrument of Bangladesh    Dr. Sayera Younus Mahfuza Akhtar

A Survey Of Economic Situation in Bangladesh:    January-June 2010

A survey Of Economic Situation in Bangladesh: July- December 2009

Call for Papers and Notes to the Contributors


 15 ) Volume 57, 58   Number 2, 1

 Editorial Notes

Risk Based Capital Adequacy for Banks under Basel-II:  Bangladesh Perspective  Dr. Mahmood Osman Imam Mir Mohammad Fakhrul Islam  Ms. Kaleda Khatun

Determinants of Workers Remittance: Evidence from Bangladesh  Mohd. Abdul Bari  Md. Zakir Hossain

Analysis of Behavior of Female Investors In Stock Market in Bangladesh: Evidence from a Survey Md. Abdul Hafij UllahMrs. Nazneen Jahan Chowdhury   

A Survey of Economic Situation in Bangladesh: July-December-2010

A Survey of Economic Situation in Bangladesh:  January-June-2011

Call for Papers and Notes to the Contributors


16) Volume 58 Number 2

Editorial Notes

The Long Run Relationship between Remittance and Economic Growth in Bangladesh: A Cointegration Approach  Mst. Nurnaher Begu Rama Rani Sutradhar

Can Current Principles Fend off Risk? A Study on Credit Management Principles in Practice  Saleh Ahmed Abdullah

Rabindranath On Agriculture And Rural Development- A Note     Dr. Atiur Rahman

A Survey of Economic Situation in Bangladesh:  July-December-2011

Call for Papers and Notes to the Contributors


17 ) Volume 59 Number 1

Editorial Notes

Monetary Conditions Index: Bangladesh Perspective Sayera Younus

The Post-Issue Operating Performance IPOs Bangladesh

Mahmood Osman Imam and Shabnaz Amin

A Survey of Economic Situation in Bangladesh: January-June-2012

Call for Papers and Notes to the Contributors


                                               18) Volume 61 (No. II) ( July – December 2014 )
Major Targets of Monetary Programming in Bangladesh
The Determinants of Demand for International Reserves in Bangladesh
Government Domestic Debt Management in Bangladesh : Forward Looking Issues

Volume 62 Number 1 (January-June 2015)
Operations of Islamic banking in bangladesh-IBB
Policy Advocacy, Challenges, Threats, and policy Directions on Risk Management for smallholder Farmers and communities The Bangladesh Bank Experience
REER Index Based Exchange Rate and Financial
What Defines Banking Behavior Insight into Determinants Driving Customers’ Decision on Who to Bank with


 19 ) Volume 62 Number II & Volume 63 Number I & II  July-December 2015,

January-June 2016 &  July-December 2016

 Editorial Note

Policy Analysis Using Dynamic Stochastic General Equilibrium Model (DSGE): Evidence from Bangladesh and Sri Lanka
Dr. Sayera Younus

Decomposing Exchange Rate Movements into Real and Nominal Shock: Experience from Bangladesh, India, Sri Lanka and Pakistan

 Md. Nazimul Arif Sarker
Ataur Rahaman
Md. Sadrul Hasan
Shohel Ahammed


Relationship between Remittances and Food prices in Bangladesh
Rokeya Khatun
Ripon Roy
Md. Mokhlesur Rahman


Training Needs Assessment (TNA) in Banks of Bangladesh: Conceptual

Framework and Present Scenario
Md. Masudul Haque

A Survey of Economic Situation In Bangladesh :
July-December 2015, January-June 2016 & July-December 2016


Call for Papers and Notes to the Contributors

N.B : The Journal of the Institute of Bankers, Bangladesh (IBB), is published half-yearly and provided free to members, Non-members may obtain copies of the Journal from the Institute on payment of Tk. 75.00 each.